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Handelszeitung – Firms More Prone to Corporate Culture Crises

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Firms More Prone to Corporate Culture Crises

“The extent to which top leaders can determine a company’s culture is incredible,” notes Egon Zehnder’s Philippe Hertig in an interview with the Swiss daily Handelszeitung. Commenting on recent developments at Uber he notes that: “Companies have become more prone to crisis when it comes to corporate culture.” But Uber merely highlights a common problem encountered by companies big and small, namely that their corporate culture is no longer aligned with the challenges faced by them. “Unlike in the past, most companies are now looking at major transformations,” adds Hertig. But some firms manage to transform successfully by factoring in their company culture.

Full story: Stefan Mir: "Was Firmen aus dem Uber-Desaster lernen sollten" ("What Companies Can Learn From the Uber Disaster") in the Handelszeitung (22 June 2017).

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