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Manager Magazin – In Search of Leadership Solutions

  • 2015年10月29日

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Manager Magazin – In Search of Leadership Solutions: Why Egon Zehnder's Value-Based Approach Reveals Its Strengths in Meeting Future Challenges

What kind of competitive edge does a value-based approach give a consultancy like Egon Zehnder when facing future challenges? CEO Rajeev Vasudeva answers this and other questions in a frank exchange with the German Manager Magazin. Asked about the profession’s pitfalls, he explains that Egon Zehnder’s one-firm approach results in putting client’s interests first: “Prioritizing personal interests or trying to place the most expensive candidate would clash with our principles.”

In Vasudeva’s view, such principles are essential when tackling worldwide challenges. “We are an executive search firm with a global mindset – as illustrated by my appointment as CEO. Ultimately, we are looking to bring the global knowledge and expertise of our consultants to our clients around the world,” he notes.

Commenting on trends in the profession, Vasudeva points out that clients worldwide are looking for robust, holistic and sustainable leadership solutions. “Our work is increasingly becoming more strategic in nature and is aimed at CEO succession planning, the reorganization of management structures, long-term leadership development and managing organizational change.”

Vasudeva also highlights the trend towards digital transformation, that goes far beyond hiring a Chief Digital Officer: “The real issue here is the digital transformation – and we are market leaders in this field […] Zehnder’s offices in Berlin and Palo Alto are our bridges to the world of digital companies. They also support traditional companies as they make the transition to the digital world.”

Full story. “Wir sind keine Broker” (“We aren’t brokers”), an interview with Rajeev Vasudeva in the German Manager Magazin (November 2015).

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