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The Houston Chronicle – Moving Forward After a Proxy Fight

  • 2015年08月6日

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The Houston Chronicle – Moving Forward After a Proxy Fight

How can boards prick up the pieces after a proxy fight, asks The Houston Chronicle? Steve Goodman, leader of Egon Zehnder’s North American Energy Practice, advises board members and executives to reunite quickly and focus on improving company performance. If fighting has been bitter, personal feelings can take time to mend, he adds, noting that activists and board members are often strong-willed and contentious. But for Goodman reconciliation is the only way forward. “Even though there’s been bad blood and words said, it becomes the fiduciary responsibility to find common ground and the most value for the company,” he concludes.

Full story: Jordan Blum: New Furmanite chairman named after proxy fight in The Houston Chronicle (4 August 2015).

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