Birgit Storz


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Birgit Storz Egon Zehnder, Frankfurt


Birgit Storz, based in Frankfurt, is a member of Egon Zehnder’s Financial Services Practice Group and leads its FinTech segment in Germany. Drawing on her personal experience as a company founder, early-stage venture capitalist, and bank executive, she is expert at attracting entrepreneurial minded leaders and building bridges between startups and established financial services companies. At the same time, she is a trusted advisor for successfully managing transformation processes, restructuring businesses, and driving change.


Before joining Egon Zehnder, Birgit spent over 12 years in various management positions at major banks, among other things as the head of Commerzbank’s Corporate Banking Strategy and Resource Management divisions. She founded and served as the executive director of Main Incubator, a company builder and early-stage venture capital firm and the first of its kind to be set up by a major bank in Europe. Birgit guided FinTech start-ups from the seed phase and provided coaching and access to banking expertise and Commerzbank’s client base, venture capital and infrastructure. In previous management positions, she took charge of Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank’s post-merger integration in Central and Eastern Europe and headed those regions’ strategy and business development divisions while sitting on the supervisory boards of several banks.

Prior to that, she assumed various management roles in the retail banking, wealth management and assurbanking area at Dresdner Bank in Europe and Asia. Birgit started her career in the Inhouse Consulting Group of Deutsche Bank. Birgit earned degrees in business administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg, Germany and the LaRochelle Business School in France.

News and Publications

Börsen Zeitung — Banks and the Transformation Process: Creating Space for Constant Change

In a byline article in Germany’s Börsen-Zeitung newspaper for the financial sector, Birgit Storz and Christian Redhardt consider the question of whether we still “need bankers”. The authors depict financial institutions caught between the residual tremors of the financial crisis and the early impacts of digitalization and ask: “What kind of leaders do today’s banks need? As we don’t know what new variety of disruption we’re likely to face tomorrow, there is an even greater need for leaders who accept change as the new normal.

consultant name

Birgit Storz Egon Zehnder, Frankfurt