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Brent Magnuson Egon Zehnder, Dallas


Brent Magnuson, based in Dallas, leads Egon Zehnder’s global Retail, Apparel and Luxury Goods Practice. Brent has led C-level engagements for clients across the world, working with some of the world’s best brands. He has advised boards, CEOs and leadership teams on succession planning, talent acquisition and executive leadership development. Brent is active across Egon Zehnder’s Chief Information Officer (CIO) Practice, Supply Chain and Marketing Officer Practices.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Brent was Vice President of Consumer Industries & Retail for Electronic Data Systems. Before EDS, he held several executive leadership positions with The Bombay Company, including EVP Merchandising & Marketing. Following graduate school, Brent joined Price Waterhouse’s retail consulting division, Management Horizons, where he worked with clients on implementing new technologies and processes.

Brent earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

News and Publications

Comfort with Paradox

Most CEOs and boards name succession, both for the CEO and for business unit leaders, as their biggest strategic challenge. While this leadership challenge exists for every industry, it is particularly acute in the consumer sector, where many of the successive waves of disruption first hit.

The Next-Generation Retail CEO: Mobilising an Ecosystem of Advocates

In contrast to the “merchant princes” who built the great retail businesses of the last century, the next-generation CEO will need to be a more skilled team builder who can create a culture of motivated collaboration.

Retail, Apparel and Luxury Goods Practice Profile

Retail stores are the key point of interaction between the consumer goods groups and consumers.

consultant name

Brent Magnuson Egon Zehnder, Dallas