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James Martin Egon Zehnder, London


In his 16+ years with the firm, James Martin has been a specialist in talent management and leadership development, working with a broad range of clients across business sectors around the world. His experience now covers businesses in North and South America, Continental Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. James has previously led the firm's global Human Resources Practice as well as the global Talent Management practice where he has been one of the key architects of the methodology that Egon Zehnder uses as a firm today. James not only focuses on individual development and coaching but has also led a number of team-development interventions with executive boards of leading global companies, both publicly listed and privately held.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, James was Director, Equity Research for Credit Suisse First Boston in London. Previous roles include Assistant Director, Equity Research at ABN AMRO and Senior Consultant with Gemini Consulting. James served as a pilot in the Royal Air Force.

James earned a BA from University of Leeds and an MBA from London Business School.

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Fluid Boundaries, New Challenges

Legacy organizations must respond – or risk their survival. While each organization will transform itself in a different way, each transformation is certain to have digital at its core, because digital is driving the changes in consumer expectations, markets and products.

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In a business environment characterised by rapid change and high levels of ambiguity and uncertainty, where the ability to mobilise talent is perhaps the greatest differentiator of corporate performance, the role of the Group HR Director has become more critical than ever before.

Getting female talent to the top

In September 2014, Egon Zehnder UK committed to a target of 25 female chief executives on FTSE 1000 companies by 2025 - a five-fold increase from today. James Martin, UK head of HR practice, reflects on recent cross-generational discussion of the challenges facing organisations in achieving this - and the role of HR.

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Human Resource Magazine - Boards Start to Seek HR Experience

A growing number of HR directors are taking board seats and non-executive director (NED) positions, reports HRmagazine. James Martin, a consultant at Egon Zehnder, London, agrees. “HR experience is becoming more valued,” notes Martin.

Digging for hidden treasure

The rapidly evolving business world has exposed the inadequacies of existing models for assessing potential. Past performance and current capabilities offer no guarantee that an individual will succeed in dramatically different work roles and environments of high-velocity change. Now, however, a new model of potential, encompassing the four deep personal traits that foretell great leadership, is providing the accuracy, rigor, and discipline that you need to uncover the real promise in people and manage it for competitive advantage.

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James Martin Egon Zehnder, London