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Laurence Monnery Egon Zehnder, London


Laurence’s focus and passion are in enabling leaders to unleash their potential to attain better results and higher personal satisfaction. She works with leaders across all sectors, currently working in Consumer Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services and Professional services. A significant part of her work is CEO and C-suite succession and transition. Combining her business experience, her talent-advisor expertise and her coaching skills, Laurence takes pride in helping executives think through where they want to go in their role and their career, and how to unlock what holds them back. Laurence also leads Egon Zehnder’s Learn & Grow activities, aimed at developing the capabilities and unleashing the potential of the firm’s consultants around the globe. She has a particular passion for Diversity and co-led Egon Zehnder’s Diversity and Inclusion Council for several years, having previously led the firm’s Health Practice in the UK and Europe. Laurence joined Egon Zehnder in 1997.


Laurence spent most of her early career in commercial and business leadership roles in the pharmaceutical sector: Eli Lilly, and previously Ciba-Geigy/Novartis. In between her two years at Harvard, she worked with McKinsey in Paris.

Laurence is a WABC Certified Business Coach (CBC). She has an MA in Business Economics from ESSEC, Paris and an MBA from Harvard Business School, Boston.

News and Publications

Financial Times – Silencing the Inner Critic

Many leaders are aware of the misplaced inner voices that limit them, but struggle to address or silence their doubts and fears, reports the Financial Times. Egon Zehnder consultant Laurence Monnery advises such leaders to work on changing their mindset, where the inner critic resides.

Great Expectations – How the Cultural Shift toward Deeper Diversity Can Succeed

In today’s broader understanding, true diversity is a diversity of perspective, and inclusion is what puts diverse perspectives to work in everything from making better decisions to tapping into diverse markets to fostering innovation.

A company with No Passport - Image

A company with No Passport

Putting a global mindset to work.

Onboarding: The First Step toward Inclusion (Part 4 of 4)

Inclusion – the full integration of an employee into the life of the organization – begins with onboarding.

How CEOs Can Interview for Competency in Diversity (Part 3 of 4)

When hiring or promoting top executives, CEOs should not only insist on competency in diversity, but probe for it, just as they do for functional expertise or strategic acumen. A deft interview can make all the difference.

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Diversity as a Leadership Competency at the Top (Part 2 of 4)

The ability to work across differences is a fundamental leadership competency for all top executives. What’s more, it is as concrete and measurable as any of the more familiar leadership competencies.

Small Mistakes with Big Consequences for Diversity and Inclusion (Part 1 of 4)

The business case for diversity and inclusion has won almost universal acceptance. Yet even the most well-intentioned companies often hit a wall when it comes to achieving diversity and inclusion in practice. Why?

To get diversity right, get potential right

Ensuring that diversity programs and objectives fulfil their promise requires a rigorous model of potential that neither confuses it with experience and performance nor leaves it to the mercy of intuition. The model developed by the Egon Zehnder research team gauges executive potential by assessing the degree to which an individual possesses four leadership traits that predict the development of executive ability.

Great Expectations - How the cultural shift toward deeper diversity can succeed

How the cultural shift toward deeper diversity can succeed.

consultant name

Laurence Monnery Egon Zehnder, London


Laurence Monnery

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