Xavier Leroy


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Xavier Leroy Egon Zehnder, Johannesburg


Xavier Leroy, based in Johannesburg, is a trusted advisor on Africa talent strategy, CEO succession, and board effectiveness. He conducts executive and director search for organizations across mining, natural resources, consumer, retail, the financial sector, and healthcare. Xavier is active in Egon Zehnder’s Financial Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, and Industrial Practices.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Xavier was in senior strategy and marketing roles with Sanofi while based in France, the US, and Japan. Previously, he was a senior consultant with Monitor Company, based in Paris, Hong Kong, and Bombay, where he served industrial, telecommunications and retail clients across Asia. Earlier, Xavier was Assistant General Manager for Air France Southern Africa.

Xavier earned an MA in Business Economics from ESSEC in Paris and an MA in Political Science from Institut d'Etudes Politiques, also in Paris.

News and Publications

Comfort with Paradox

Most CEOs and boards name succession, both for the CEO and for business unit leaders, as their biggest strategic challenge. While this leadership challenge exists for every industry, it is particularly acute in the consumer sector, where many of the successive waves of disruption first hit.

Leaders of the Future: Navigating Disruption in Consumer Goods and Retail

Egon Zehnder was privileged to be part of the 60th annual Consumer Goods Forum global summit on 15-17 June 2016. Held in Cape Town, South Africa, the summit provided a window onto the energy and opportunity of Africa— the world’s youngest continent and one of the fastest-growing consumer markets.

Cracking Africa’s Talent Challenge: Why Executive Development is Key

For businesses in every sector, Africa offers exciting prospects. Aggregate annual growth exceeds 6%, amongst the highest of any region, with the continent’s collective GDP forecast at $2.6 trillion by 2020. Africa is blessed with abundant natural resources and is seeing tremendous investment in oil and gas, mining and agriculture.

consultant name

Xavier Leroy Egon Zehnder, Johannesburg