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Doing the Right Thing

CMOs are aware that companies need to combine AI with sustainability to meet future needs, determined a group of Chief Marketing Officers during a recent roundtable discussion with Malte Dammann, Managing Director of Sales and Marketing, Ritter Sport.

CMOs Bank on AI’s Marketing Prowess

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to have as much of an impact on humanity as the launch of the Internet.

zfo – Wolters, Rothmann und Reichel über CEOs als Kommunikator:innen, die Relevanz von Social Media und das „Wir-Gefühl“

Mit einem Gastbeitrag sind drei Egon Zehnder-Experten in der aktuellen Ausgabe (2/2023) der zfo (Zeitschrift Führung und Organisation) vertreten.

Embracing Identity: Insights from LGBTQ+ CMOs

At 2022’s Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit, three renowned marketing leaders gathered for a panel. They explored how embracing their LGBTQ+ identities shaped their careers at a time when the business world was slowly progressing on DE&I issues.

Big to Small: CMOs Share Their Journeys

When CMOs at successful companies decide to take a chance on life at a smaller company, they get a lot of wide eyes and shocked exclamations. After all, who would walk away from a position that so many would love to attain?

Marketers: Dare to Dream and Disrupt Yourself

As the keynote of the 2021 Kellogg Marketing Summit, CMO of NotCo Fernando Machado shared ten key lessons that any marketer can learn from. His hallmark ability to disrupt whatever industry is borne of a thirst to disrupt himself along the way.

Data in Difficult Times

The role of Chief Data and Analytics Officers has expanded dramatically in recent months. Learn more about what they think has changed.

Driving Growth Through a Culture of Agility

Egon Zehnder Consultant and NA CCO Practice Leader Amanda Roberts speaks on how agility unlocks growth. Egon Zehnder is proud to be a founding partner of the Kellogg School of Management's Marketing Leadership Summit:

„Jeder hat Ziele, aber nur wenige sind bereit, dafür Opfer zu bringen und sich zu schinden.“

Ruder-Olympiasiegerin Katherine Grainger und Internet-Unternehmer Ben Medlock über Ambition, Beharrlichkeit und das Lennon-McCartney-Phänomen.

Katalysator einer radikalen Verbraucherorientierung

Der Chief Marketing Officer verbindet Marktanforderungen und Geschäftsstrategie.

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