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Beauty Marketer Make-Over

The fixed category lines that once defined the beauty executive are now more fluid than ever. Beauty is now a melting pot of talent, with professionals coming from other sectors and offering fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the industry. This new era highlights endless possibilities for creativity and growth.

Embracing Identity: Insights from LGBTQ+ CMOs

At 2022’s Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit, three renowned marketing leaders gathered for a panel. They explored how embracing their LGBTQ+ identities shaped their careers at a time when the business world was slowly progressing on DE&I issues.

Big to Small: CMOs Share Their Journeys

When CMOs at successful companies decide to take a chance on life at a smaller company, they get a lot of wide eyes and shocked exclamations. After all, who would walk away from a position that so many would love to attain?

Marketers: Dare to Dream and Disrupt Yourself

As the keynote of the 2021 Kellogg Marketing Summit, CMO of NotCo Fernando Machado shared ten key lessons that any marketer can learn from. His hallmark ability to disrupt whatever industry is borne of a thirst to disrupt himself along the way.

Guts & Data: The Talent Retail Needs to Serve the Post-Pandemic Consumer

Post-pandemic Retail is emerging to be a noisy place, and product relevancy has never been more critical, or more difficult, to achieve. Is your team equipped to manage the upheaval?

You're a Marketer. So Why Isn't Your Own Brand Distinctive?

You're a marketer. So why isn't your own brand distinctive? The first question to start with when thinking about your own brand is a simple one: What do you want to do with your professional life?

Why Your CMO Is Critical to Diversity and Inclusion

As companies broaden their definitions of DE&I, they will increasingly view it as imperative to their business success.

AdAge — How to Ensure a CMO Hire Will Be a Good Fit For the C-Suite

Jason Hecker, head of the global CMO practice group at Egon Zehnder, was featured in AdAge discussing the traits necessary for a CMO's success.

In Conversation with Vince Hudson, SVP Global Brand Strategy and Marketing Operations, American Express

At the 2020 Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit, Sarah Van Dyck spoke with Vince Hudson, SVP Global Brand Strategy and Marketing Operations, American Express about the intersection of business and purpose, and the role brands play in bringing purpose to life.

In Conversation with Fama Francisco, CEO Feminine and Baby Care at P&G

P&G’s Fama Francisco talks about the importance of uncovering uncomfortable truths to create compelling campaigns and to make progress in diversity, equity and inclusion.

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