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Egon Zehnder International organizes event for HR leaders

  • 3 January 2012

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Egon Zehnder International organizes event for HR leader

Spiky leadership was the central topic at an event for senior Human Resources leaders organised by the Amsterdam Office of Egon Zehnder International. Speakers at the event were Arne Gast from McKinsey, and Magnus Graf Lambsdorff from Egon Zehnder International. They introduced the joint study “Return on leadership,” which found that exceptional, and not just good, leadership makes the real difference. The study also revealed that companies should focus more on the “spikes” of their top talents, instead of trying to improve their weaker competencies. According to the study’s results, an effective strategy is to surround spiky leaders by other talents with complementary spikes. The event, which was held at the Van Gogh Museum on 6 February, was attended by over 60 corporate HR directors and senior level HR executives. Guests enjoyed a private viewing of the museum’s collection of Van Gogh paintings after the presentation and while refreshments were served.

For further information:
Competencies that Generate Growth – Return on Leadership

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