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Eye for pharma – Pharma Firms Make Market Access a C-Suite Issue

  • October 2016

Eye for pharma – Pharma Firms Make Market Access a C-Suite Issue

As financial pressure on payers has increased, and evidence-based pricing moves up the agenda, market access has become one of the single biggest challenges pharmaceuticals companies face. If companies misread signals from payers or misjudge their likely approach to a product, the mistake can bite deep into the bottom line.

This means that embedding the voice of market access into pharma has never been more important, as executive search firm Egon Zehnder’s report ‘Managing Talent to Meet Pharma’s Next Great Challenge: Global Market Access’ points out. Its interviews with more than 200 global and regional market access executives identify some urgent questions about how the industry views market access and what should happen in order to embed the function in pharma businesses.

“There is some variation in how people think about market access,” says the firm’s principal consultant Alyse Forcellina. She identifies several different but overlapping areas: pricing and reimbursement is the core “because it will indicate what that means for your volume”, closely followed by the face-to-face relationship building of account management. Market access also includes public affairs, government affairs and policy, as governments are increasingly the primary “payer” of pharmaceutical therapies. Big Data might fit into this too. “Analytics and RWE is a relatively new area: it’s an offshoot of HEOR but where it sits is to be determined - but they all have to work in concert: that’s the most important thing.”

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