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Leadership for a Better World

Great leaders aren't born that way.

As a Firm, Egon Zehnder is committed to one larger goal: to create a better world through great leadership.



We know our world isn’t perfect. It’s often uncertain and volatile, creating a near-constant level of anxiety. This is why we need great leaders and why our collective work matters. Leaders are an organization’s North Star, helping us to find stability, new ways to innovate and a sense of contentment amid chaos.

But great leaders are not simply born that way—we see through our work how they grow and evolve over time. We know that the journey to becoming a strong leader requires a tireless commitment to acting with integrity, honing and learning new skills, seeking candid feedback, building relationships with peers and mentoring others and a willingness to speak up when no one else will.

When I first joined the Firm, Egon said that when we place a great CEO, his or her whole team will flourish and grow, and their teams, in turn, will grow. The shareholders and customers will benefit, and the families of all those stakeholders will thrive. That was the moment I found true meaning in what we do and realized that what we do can change lives -- that leadership from the top has to be a force for good.

We created a video that captures the emotions of what has always been our Firm’s chief aspiration: to create a better world through great leadership. 

Together, our Firm can move us closer to the world we deserve to have.



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