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Consumer Goods: Ahead of the Game - 2013 Spring Sustainability Dinner

As sustainability gains importance globally and firms adapt their business models accordingly, the Consumer Goods Industry is definitely ahead of the game. A frank and dynamic discussion between leaders from or adjacent to the industry revealed four key insights. All participants agreed on the need to embrace transparency in the form of open communication with the public via social media and enhanced sustainability reporting. In a similar vein, companies need to build authentic narratives that emotionally involve consumers in their quest for sustainability. Innovation in terms of combining superior performance with sustainability and a long-term approach to it were also identified as strategies that will shape the future of sustainability in the Consumer Goods Industry.


The Egon Zehnder Sustainability Dinner, held semi-annually, brings together sustainability leaders, chief executives, investors, policy experts, and provocateurs. Spanning a wide range of lessons and ideas, dialogues at the dinner follow the Chatham House Rule.

For more information see dinner notes:
What We Heard: 2013 Spring Sustainability Dinner

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