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VBKI – Leadership: Creating a Culture of Ownership and Diversity

  • 2015年07月8日

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VBKI Spiegel – Leadership: Creating a Culture of Ownership and Diversity

In today’s complex and uncertain world companies need creative thinkers who can implement out-of-the box solutions, notes Michael Ensser, Managing Partner of Egon Zehnder Germany, in an interview with VBKI-Spiegel. “Leadership in the 21st century certainly means fostering a culture of ownership and diversity […]. This is partly due to the fact that companies are in closer contact with their stakeholders than ever and that their reputation and business depend heavily upon it,” adds Ensser. He nevertheless believes that: “Ownership and diversity can only be successful if they are linked to a sense of purpose. It is the task of corporate leaders to credibly communicate this purpose to their organisation and champion it to the outside world.”

Full story: “Kreative Veränderer, Querdenker und digitale Experten sind gefragt,” (“Wanted: Creative Agents of Change, Out-of-the-Box Thinkers and Digital Experts”) an interview with Michael Ensser in VBKI-Spiegel. [Only available in German, edition #239 on leadership]

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