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Egon Zehnder in the Pacific Northwest

About This Market

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, where the natural beauty and diverse cultures weave a tapestry of inspiration, Egon Zehnder has found a home. We are drawn to the deep sense of belonging, strong connection to nature, and unflagging entrepreneurial spirit that defines this region. Through our work with local companies and leaders, we discovered that our values align seamlessly with the essence of the Pacific Northwest and are committed to doing our part to drive better leadership and outcomes for the business community. In 2023, we planted roots by establishing our office in Seattle and will open an office in Vancouver, BC in 2024.  

We see boundless potential in the vitality and diversity that permeates this region, and our team is deeply committed to enabling the long-term success of the organizations and leaders that make up the very fabric of this area. Alongside our client work, we’re proud to partner with non-profits and civic organizations to ensure diverse, healthy and engaged communities.

At Egon Zehnder, we believe that to have meaningful impact, we must first form deep, enduring relationships. This is why each of us works here; it is part of our ethos. We are excited to bring our unique and long-term approach to the Pacific Northwest.  

Our offices in the Pacific Northwest

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Egon Zehnder in Seattle

Our Team in Seattle

Meet the Pacific Northwest Team

Sara O’Gorman

Sara O’Gorman


Based in Seattle, Sara O’Gorman is active in Egon Zehnder’s Consumer and Retail, Apparel and Luxury Goods practices. She is a respected advisor to… Read more

Patrick Mendenall

Patrick Mendenall


Based in Seattle, Patrick Mendenall is an active member of Egon Zehnder’s Technology & Communications Practice focusing on the gaming industry. Read more

Chris King-Sidney

Chris King-Sidney

Seattle, Vancouver

Based in Seattle, Chris King-Sidney is a core member of Egon Zehnder’s Industrial practice and, as a trusted advisor to clients… Read more

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