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Biotech during a pandemic: addressing challenges along the pharma value chain

Evolving personal work patterns are demonstrating people’s amazing adaptability in the face of the pandemic: people are becoming much more comfortable and efficient at using virtual meetings, European Biotech leaders reveal to Egon Zehnder in a recent digital gathering.

The ‘New Normal’ for Biopharma

On June 30, Egon Zehnder virtually gathered 15 top HR leaders from across biopharma, including European-based and U.S.-based companies, ranging from big pharma to start-up biotech. It was a lively discussion, with participants curious to learn from one another and generous in sharing their own insights, hopes, and concerns.

European Biotech CEOs Navigate Towards a “New Normal" Pt 2

Highlights from the fourth round of digital gatherings with European Biotech CEOs, hosted by Egon Zehnder.

Coronavirus – Learnings and Takeaways from Small Biotech

Highlights from the second round of digital gatherings with European Biotech CEOs, hosted by Egon Zehnder.

A Generation of Medicines at Risk

Senior Biotech R&D execs brainstorm on saving clinical trials, modifying procedures, and getting people back to work.

The Outlook from Biopharma Commercial Leaders: What to Expect Next

Egon Zehnder's lessons from how the biopharma industry has responded to Covid-19 with focus, collaboration and resilience.

Risk and Opportunity: Healthcare Leaders in Asia Reflect on Post COVID-19 Recovery

Healthcare CEOs in Asia have embraced that duality and in a teleconference organized by Egon Zehnder, they gathered to discuss the fallout from COVID-19.

Pharma’s High-Stakes Leadership in Times of COVID-19

The pharma and healthcare sector faces a serious threat of operational challenges due to COVID-19. Operations leaders gather to discuss how to move forward.

Discussions with European Biotechs—Bringing Purpose in a Time of Crisis

On April 8 and 9 Egon Zehnder virtually convened a number of biotech board directors to discuss some of the challenges being faced by their companies, often on the front line of responding to COVID-19.

Financials, Clinical Trials, Supply Chain: What Health Care CEOs are Focused on Now

On March 28, our global health care practice convened a virtual meeting with 15 CEOs around the world to discuss how to ensure financial strength, secure the supply chain, and the future of clinical trials.

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