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2012 Executive Panel - The Leading Edge of Diversity and Inclusion

11th International Executive Panel October 2012

For decades, forward-thinking companies have trumpeted their aspirations to grow more diverse and inclusive. But how far have we actually come? What are the current and prevailing attitudes toward Diversity and Inclusion? How have leaders’ concepts of diversity evolved? And to what degree do organizations’ actions match their words?

In the summer of 2012, Egon Zehnder International invited executives from around the world to participate in the eleventh International Executive Panel, a global leadership survey exploring perspectives on key talent and leadership issues. More than 500 members of the “Club of Leaders” – an online community of executives who registered at Egon Zehnder International’s website ( – took part in this study of Diversity and Inclusion.

Participants in this panel hail from across Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia. They represent a wide range of industries and the full spectrum of organizational sizes, from small companies of less than 50 employees to major corporations employing 10,000 or more.

As a group, the executives participating in this International Executive Panel study are highly attuned to organizational challenges and strategies. Virtually all say that working in a diverse, inclusive environment is personally important to them. An overwhelming majority report that their organization actively promotes diversity.

As such, this latest International Executive Panel offers penetrating, global insights into “The Leading Edge of Diversity and Inclusion” in 2012.

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