Dirk Mundorf


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Dirk Mundorf Egon Zehnder, Munich


Dirk Mundorf, based in Munich, is a trusted advisor to global, regional, and local organizations with a focus in financial services, consumer, services, industrial, and family owned companies. He leads Egon Zehnder’s Human Resources Practice in Germany and is active in the firm’s Executive Assessment and Development Practice. Prior to his relocation to Hong Kong in 2007, Dirk led Egon Zehnder’s Insurance Practice in Germany. He offers substantial experience in Asia, particularly Greater China, having lived there for six years.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder in 2000, Dirk was a Director with The Boston Consulting Group where he was engaged in a wide range of strategic as well as operational projects, predominately for financial services and consumer goods clients. While with The Boston Consulting Group, Dirk lived and worked in Germany and India.

Dirk earned a Master in Economics (Diplom-Kaufmann) as well as PhD in Geography from Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University. Dirk is passionate in supporting NGOs, particularly those focused on children. Given his passion for children, he helped set up Save The Children in Hong Kong and serves as a non-executive director until end of 2014.

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consultant name

Dirk Mundorf Egon Zehnder, Munich