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Heather A O'Keefe Egon Zehnder, Houston


Heather O’Keefe, based in Houston, serves clients in the consumer packaged goods, retail, apparel, and energy sectors. She advises clients on executive searches as well as management appraisals and accelerated integration of transitioning executives. She is also an active member of Egon Zehnder’s Executive Assessment and Development Team.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Heather spent most of her career in consumer goods marketing, where she managed brands up to one billion dollars in sales across a variety of categories and business situations. Previous positions include Senior Brand Manager with The Coca-Cola Company; Director of Marketing with Paris Presents Incorporated, a family-owned manufacturer of beauty and personal care products; and Brand Manager with Kraft Foods. She started her career in the Chicago office of Bain & Company, where she advised clients in the consumer products, electronics, financial services, and pulp & paper industries. Heather’s work at Bain included post-merger integration, breakout growth strategy, supply chain strategy, global pricing, and procurement.

Heather earned a BA in Economics, Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences, and Sociology from Northwestern University, and an MBA with concentrations in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

News and Publications

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consultant name

Heather A O'Keefe Egon Zehnder, Houston