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Kal Bittianda Egon Zehnder, New York


Kal Bittianda, based in New York, leads the firm’s North America Technology Practice Group. He primarily focuses on technology and communications, specifically the systems, software & services, and digital segments. He also serves in Egon Zehnder’s Private Equity and Financial Services Practices. Kal conducts executive search and provides leadership development services to help companies leverage technology to drive growth, transformation and innovation, while managing emerging leadership opportunities/challenges, such as Cyber Security and Big Data.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Kal served in leadership positions at several privately capitalized, multinational, tech-enabled businesses. He built teams and led growth in North America for Kyriba (enterprise cloud solutions), EXL (knowledge and business process outsourcing), and Inductis (analytics consulting and services). As a Consulting Partner at both Azendant and Inductis, Kal advised C-level executives on growth strategies. He was previously an Engagement Manager at the Mitchell Madison Group. Kal started his career in technology and leadership roles at Unisys and International Paper.

Kal earned a BTech in Naval Architecture at the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras/Chennai, India, an MA in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He actively serves New York area non-profits and early stage companies with pro-bono advisory and consulting support.

News and Publications

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If it seems like cybersecurity is always playing catch-up to a new generation of threats, it's because cybersecurity today still is where traffic safety was in the 1970s, writes Egon Zehnder’s Kal Bittianda for Security Roundtable.

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As more and more organizations undertake digitalization and innovation initiatives, they are turning to the chief data officer (CDO) to help them fully leverage those investments. While the role still is evolving, its broad outlines are clear.

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After transitioning from technical guru to core senior leader, the chief information security officer (CISO) role is evolving to embrace information risk, writes Egon Zehnder consultant Kal Bittianda in Security Roundtable.

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Attracting and Retaining Top Cyber Security Talent

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Rapid advancements in technology resulting in our entire modern way of life comes with attendant issues and risks, such as cybercrime. No single entity – whether they be nations, corporations or individuals – is immune.

InformationWeek – American CISOs Need Broader Perspective to Go Global

Why are companies with a global reach wary of hiring US CISOs, asks Egon Zehnder consultant Kal Bittianda in an article for InformationWeek. Their rule-based approach is generally seen as too narrow to manage the challenges of different global environments, explains Bittianda.

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The combination of data ubiquity, decentralized control and sophisticated new underworld actors presents organizations with a perfect storm to be confronted by their information security leadership.

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To compete for the top cybersecurity jobs on a world stage, home-grown CISOs need to take a more international approach to professional development.

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With the ongoing drumbeat of security breaches at corporations and other institutions, it shouldn’t be surprising that the job of chief information security officer is considered one of the toughest slots on the organizational chart.

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The role of the chief information security offi cer (CISO) has changed dramatically in the last decade. No longer merely a digital sheriff called on to protect the fi rm’s data valuables, the CISO is expected to act as a full strategic partner with the rest of the C-suite.

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Recent high-profile hacks have encouraged asset funds to tighten up their cybersecurity, reports FundFire. This, in turn, has boosted demand for tech experts.

Cybersecurity Dinner 2015

In February 2015, President Obama, speaking at a White House Summit on cybersecurity and consumer protection, declared that the Internet has become a sort of Wild West, where private corporations are prime targets of hackers and cyber criminals.

Cybersecurity Practice Profile

The past two decades have seen rapid advancements in technology resulting in our entire modern way of life depending on the Internet and the availability of smaller, more powerful, less expensive internet devices.

consultant name

Kal Bittianda Egon Zehnder, New York