Pallavi Kathuria

New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai

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Pallavi Kathuria Egon Zehnder, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai


Pallavi Kathuria, Egon Zehnder’s office leader in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, is a core member of Egon Zehnder’s Technology & Communications Practice. She is a trusted advisor on leadership succession and talent management, with deep insight into product and technology leadership in consumer internet and digital. Having spent a decade in the US in leadership roles, she has a strong understanding of the leadership nuances across American and Indian business environments. She serves Indian and global technology organizations across the value chain, including IT/IT-enabled products and services, software and the mobile/internet/digital segment. She is also active in the firm’s Services Practice and co-leads the firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Team in India, with a particular focus on Board Diversity initiatives.


Before joining Egon Zehnder, Pallavi worked at Microsoft for 15 years − 10 in the U.S. and five in India − in product and business group leadership roles with an emphasis on product planning, go-to-market strategies and business group management. Prior to that she was a Product Manager at Nokia in Finland.

Pallavi earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communications from the Delhi Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University in the U.S., where she was a Fuqua scholar.

News and Publications

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For decades, search firms in India and around the world have built their businesses on C-suite placements. But with the industry being disrupted by social networks and a complex hiring environment, business models are changing and search firms and management consultancies are now offering more value-added services.

Quartz India – Coding Requires Constant Curiosity

As emerging technologies are set to take over IT jobs in India and around the world, candidates need to show more than just an engineering degree and expertise in programming languages to join this disrupted workforce.

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Women at Indian companies have plenty of career ambition and enjoy ample development opportunities, but struggle to overcome gender bias at the leadership level.

Livemint – Start-Ups Line Up for Young Leaders

With start-ups increasingly seeking leaders who have relevant experience and can fit into an unstructured environment, age is becoming a key factor, reports LiveMint.

Business Today – Tackling the Talent Drain

Traditional India Inc is currently experiencing a talent drain as thousands of bright young leaders flock to join e-commerce companies and other start-ups.

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The boom in e-commerce has led to a dearth of digital talent, reports The Times of India. What kind of leader should companies now be looking for, asks the newspaper?

Business Today – Startups in India Seek Tenured Talent

The young world of start-ups in India is realizing the need for management strength and throwing open its doors to experienced seniors. Pallavi Kathuria from Egon Zehnder’s Technology and Communications Practice in the Asia Pacific region tells Business Today that “tenured talent is being sought after by e-commerce players as they bring in specific knowledge and experience relating to products, platforms, processes, systems or technology.”

Livemint - Indian Boards Embrace Gender Diversity, But Only on Paper

Gender diversity in India’s boardrooms remains a distant reality, despite a recent rush to comply – on paper at least – with new gender diversity norms laid down by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi).

Board Diversity – How to get there?

Board diversity is much more than simply a question of fairness. Lack of diversity represents a missed opportunity to bring in new thinking, insights, experiences, and knowledge – with regard to different markets, consumers, practices, and more.

Leading in the Connected Age

Technological transformation continues to unfold at a relentless pace. To effectively adapt to this new era, companies must recruit and develop a different kind of leadership talent. This is a big ask, because demand for leaders with deep technological acumen far outstrips supply.

consultant name

Pallavi Kathuria Egon Zehnder, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai