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Philippe Hertig Egon Zehnder, Zurich


Philippe Hertig, based in Zurich, has a long and successful international track record advising C-level and board-level executives on their most important leadership challenges, including executive search, board effectiveness, management appraisals, and talent management. For many years, Philippe has been active in Egon Zehnder's global Industrial Practice, focusing on chairman, board director, CEO, and C-level searches for mid-sized companies as well as major international corporations. He is also active in Egon Zehnder’s Board Consulting and CEO Practices.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Philippe served on the Executive Committee of Pilatus Aircraft Ltd., the world's leader in single-engine turboprop aircrafts, where he was P&L leader and global Head of the Government Division covering the development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of aircrafts for government institutions (e.g. air force, army, police, ministries). Philippe started his professional career at Pilatus as a Marketing Assistant. After two years he was promoted to Regional Sales Manager. Philippe left the Group for three years to complete his PhD studies in business administration before re-joining the company and its Executive Committee. Philippe is a sought-after leadership expert who regularly participates as a speaker in panel discussions and is frequently interviewed in the Swiss media. He has authored several articles on leadership topics.

Philippe serves on the Board of Schweizerische Management Gesellschaft, Switzerland's largest management association, and on the Board of the Swedish Swiss Chamber of Commerce, where he leads the Nomination Committee. He is an officer of the Swiss Air Force and still actively flies on the F-5F jet fighter. Philippe is also a member of the famous Swiss Air Force PC-7 aerobatic team.

Philippe earned a Master’s in Business Administration from University of Freiburg/Switzerland and a PhD in Business Administration from University of Bern/Switzerland.

News and Publications

Neue Zürcher Zeitung – Swiss Firms Beef Up Boards With Financial Activist Experts

With attacks from financial activists on the rise, companies are starting to beef up their boards with experienced experts, reports the Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung. Both major concerns and smaller, family-run firms in Switzerland have launched board-level recruitment drives over the last 6 months, confirms Philippe Hertig, partner at Egon Zehnder in Zurich.

Neue Zürcher Zeitung – Switzerland Should Select Political Leaders More Professionally

When it comes to choosing leaders politics could learn from business, according to Egon Zehnder’s Philippe Hertig quoted in the Swiss daily Neuer Zürcher Zeitung. Hertig criticises the way Switzerland elects its federal councilors as “unprofessional”.

Handelszeitung – Choosing the Right Time to Step Down

“The right timing” was the focus of the 54th forum organised by the Schweizerische Management Gesellschaft SMG, reports the Handelszeitung.

Handelszeitung – Bold Companies Consider all CEO Options

Novartis recently appointed a comparatively young internal candidate with no previous corner office experience as its CEO, reports the Handelszeitung. “The choice is part of a trend,” according to Egon Zehnder consultant Philippe Hertig.

Finanz und Wirtschaft – Hiring Top Executive Team is Balancing Act for Board, not CEO

When CEOs start giving top management jobs to their buddies, investors need to sit up and pay attention, reports the Swiss financial bi-weekly Finanz und Wirtschaft.

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Handelszeitung – Firms More Prone to Corporate Culture Crises

“The extent to which top leaders can determine a company’s culture is incredible,” notes Egon Zehnder’s Philippe Hertig in an interview with the Swiss daily Handelszeitung.

Finanz und Wirtschaft – Firms Base Pay for Performance on New Benchmarks

Pay for Performance traditionally means that CEO compensation is tied to a company’s fortunes, reports the Swiss financial daily Finanz und Wirtschaft.

Bilanz – Switzerland Sees Steady Rise in Board Gender Diversity

The number of women on boards is growing steadily both in Switzerland and worldwide, reports the Swiss Economics magazine Bilanz. According to Egon Zehnder’s latest Global Board Diversity Analysis, the number of women on Swiss boards rose from 5.9 percent to 19.2 percent over the last decade.

Handelszeitung – On-the-Job Expertise and Networks Needed More Than MBAs

Professional experience, and especially specialist expertise, is now more important than theoretical knowledge, says Egon Zehnder’s Philippe Hertig.

In the News - SRF – Demand for Chief Digital Officers Soars

Large European companies are rushing to appoint Chief Digital Officers (CDOs), reports the Swiss broadcaster SRF. But digital leadership talent is a rare commodity. Egon Zehnder’s Philippe Hertig confirms the fierce demand for CDOs in Europe.

Do the Right Thing and Do It Well

What can CHROs do to enhance their HR function and take it to the next level? In a bid to answer this tough question we interviewed a number of CHROs at some of the world's leading companies renowned for their best-in-class HR practices.

Handelszeitung – Philippe Hertig: Leadership Success Does Not Depend on Nationality

Swiss firms are increasingly opting for foreign leaders, reports the Handelszeitung. But the nationality of decision-makers in large Swiss companies has become largely irrelevant, notes Egon Zehnder’s Philippe Hertig.

Tagesschau – Direct Communication Is Better for Building Trust

Videoconferencing has boomed in recent years, with technological advances helping companies to cut their travel costs, reports Swiss broadcaster SRF in its Tagesschau.

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Philippe Hertig Egon Zehnder, Zurich