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International Business Times – US Boards Need Alternatives to Gender Diversity Quotas

  • March 2017

The percentage of female board members in the US dropped in 2016, reports the International Business Times. Out of 44 nations, the US ranked 19th place, with about two women per board versus an average of 11.5 seats. Could quotas be the answer? Egon Zehnder’s Carol Singleton Slade is skeptical due to the “culture of independence” among US firms’ board members. “I think it’s a different thing in the US, from a cultural perspective […] there’d be a lot of pushback against quotas and that sort of policy [...} I think the directors take their independence very seriously,” explained Singleton Slade.

Full story: Lydia O'Neal: Women In Business: With Female Corporate Board Members Less Present In US Than Most Of The Developed World, Can Ivanka Trump Help? in the International Business Times (8 February 2017).

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