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Winning in Consumer Health

Leveraging Talent that Transcends Legacies – a study by Egon Zehnder

Brands and products with health benefits which are consumer- relevant as well as clinically substantiated are poised for global growth. In a market moving from illness to wellness, a diverse product range – including pain relievers, yogurts, muesli bars, and chewing gum – is competing to capture the market potential in “Consumer Health.”

Top companies in both Pharma and Consumer aim to win in Consumer Health. Each camp boasts essential core strengths:

  • Leading Pharma companies are experts in developing and delivering products with the substantiated health benefits that command a premium from today’s uber-informed, health- conscious consumers.
  • Top Consumer companies excel at creating the differentiated brand appeal required to attract consumers, generate a unique brand experience, and earn customer loyalty.

To win in Consumer Health, neither core strength is by itself sufficient. In order to succeed, companies must marry the traditional strengths of both Pharma and Consumer and even go beyond. What sounds so simple is actually a long journey: a strategic imperative achievable only by talent that transcends what has traditionally been required to win in either sector.

For this study, Egon Zehnder spoke with 25 CEOs and top executives from businesses associated with consumers and their health, ranging from ascorbic acid to baby food, from chewing gum to cough syrup, from painkillers to sports nutrition, from toothpaste to yogurt.

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