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Cagla Bekbolet’s columns in FinancialDirector

Cagla Bekbolet’s columns in FinancialDirector, offering insights and stirring discussions on the evolving role and challenges of the Chief Financial Officers role.

Audit and Risk: Critical For Your Company, Key to Your Career

Cagla Bekbolet invites her colleague Diederik Amery to share his perspective on why businesses today must place a greater emphasis on audit and risk than they did a decade ago.

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Founder-owned businesses and the CFO of the future

The most successful CFOs of promoter-led companies have gone way beyond traditional financial roles, becoming the founders’ right hand and thought partner on strategy, operations, stakeholder relations, and more.

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Aspirational CFOs Need Broader Experience For Top Jobs

Broader experience than simply finance is required to get to the top, writes Egon Zehnder's Cagla Bekbolet

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Are You Outsourcing Your Future Finance Leaders?

Outsourcing of finance functions is common practice among American firms. What are the implications for talent development going forward? ASPIRING future CFOs should put up their hands up for business-facing roles in which they lead change, drive growth, and coach fellow executives.

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CFOs Need “bounce-backability”: Drive Change by Learning

In her second in a series of articles for Financial Director, leading recruiter Cagla Bekbolet says that finance chiefs must embrace change - and be prepared to make mistakes.

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Navigating change: CFOs must turn heads forward

Egon Zehnder's Cagla Bekbolet, in the first of a regular column for Financial Director, discusses the forward-thinking attitude expected of the top finance chiefs

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#FDYP 2015: Legacy of talent diversity crucial for a successful CFO

Top CFOs are being judged on creating a diverse legacy, explains top recruiter Çağla Bekbölet.

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Leading Change Can Help CFOs to Fast-Track Their Careers

Restructuring, cost-cutting and digitization are all radically accelerating the pace of change in many global companies. Chief Financial Officers can turn this trend into a fast-track career opportunity, argues Egon Zehnder consultant Cagla Bekbolet, if they are “skilled both at complex financial engineering and at effective people engagement.”

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CFOs: Leaving a Talent Diversity Legacy

When Egon Zehnder launched the 25 by 25 initiative last September, aiming to quintuple the number of female CEOs in UK FTSE 100 companies within a decade, we committed to the same target in finance. Given that men and women now enter the profession in almost equal numbers, this should be an achievable goal but, critically, it depends on overcoming obstacles which confront many women mid-career.

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Mergers: a Career-Learning Opportunity for CFOs

When two companies merge, the choice of CFO can hinge on politics, luck and timing, reports FinancialDirector. But regardless who comes out on top, mergers can have a silver lining for all of the executives involved if they adopt an upbeat approach, argues Egon Zehnder consultant Çağla Bekbolet.

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