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Today’s CMO is being “Redefined”

  • January 2017

Today’s CMO is being “Redefined”

In Fall 2013 Egon Zehnder again sponsored and participated in Northwestern University’s third annual Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit, which focused on how the marketing landscape is changing and what marketers need to do to be successful in this new environment. At the conference, Dick Patton, Egon’s former U.S. Consumer and Global Marketing Leader, and Rory Finlay, Egon’s Global Consumer Products Practice Leader, presented on how the CMO role is diverging across several different axes and spoke with CMO attendees about how this shift is altering their jobs and the marketing landscape. Watch the videos below to learn more about what Dick and Rory heard.

2013 Kellogg Marketing Leadership Summit

CMO Redefined: The Digital Landscape

Software is eating the world. With digital and technological advances changing and continuing to change the marketing landscape, how do CMOs and marketing teams adjust to these changes? Watch Dick Patton and Rory Finlay of Egon Zehnder interview SAP’s CMO Jonathan Becher about how the landscape has splintered and what strategies marketers need to employ to be successful in this environment.

CMO Redefined: Your CMO Career

Successful CMOs need to be dynamic, experienced and daring, but what does it take to get here? Watch Dick Patton and Rory Finlay of Egon Zehnder interview some of the country’s top CMOs – Nintendo’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott Moffitt; Kraft Foods’ CMO Deanie Elsner; KidZania’s CMO Cammie Dunaway; and SAP’s CMOJonathan Becher – talk about the experiences and skills that helped propel them into the CMO role – including taking chances, unconventional career paths and possessing non-traditional skill sets.

CMO Redefined: International Marketing

International marketing teams face many different challenges when directing integrated marketing efforts in developing countries vs. developed ones. Watch Dick Patton and Rory Finlay of Egon Zehnder interview Hershey’s CMOMichael Wege and KidZania’s CMO Cammie Dunaway about what it takes to be a global marketer and what skill sets they look when building best-in-class international marketing teams.

CMO Redefined: Who is Today’s CMO?

The CMO role has drastically changed over the past 20 years, diverging along several different axes. Watch Dick Patton and Rory Finlay of Egon Zehnder interview SAP’s CMO Jonathan Becher and Kraft Foods’ CMO Deanie Elsner to talk about how their roles have changed as a result of these divergences, who today’s CMOs are, and what skill sets and personality traits today’s great CMOs possess.

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