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Why I am Grateful for Tech Media Today

Why I am Grateful for Tech Media Today

There is a ton of it. PR-driven; old line formal; deep analytics; thought-pieces; muck-raking; nearly hysterical witch hunts. The menu of what I get to read about Silicon Valley seems so much more varied and plentiful than ever before. It all quite literally provokes thought.

I think this is important to people in tech and those who serve them. A) There is more debate out there, even if some of it is truly hysterical. B) there is more transparency around private companies that we never used to have. C) it is increasing difficult to hide either personal or corporate dysfunctions.

I do worry at times about how this media output gets monetized. Some are eschewing ads and relying on subscriptions for their content (some fair, some pricey, some senseless). Some tack on events with paid participation or sponsorships - some of which are really well done. Some even reject venture capital so as to be totally independent. I am interested to see how this Darwinian state of today’s tech media will pan out, but whatever happens, I hope the content and the insight keep on coming.

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