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WOMEN-20 Summit in Istanbul – Cagla Bekbolet Calls For Aspirational Targets

  • January 2017

Diversity Initiatives

WOMEN-20 Summit in Istanbul – Cagla Bekbolet Calls For Aspirational Targets

Representatives of the Women-20 (W20) convened in Istanbul on 17-18 October to finalize a communique for G20 leaders ahead of their next meeting in Turkey in November. Formed under the Turkish term presidency of the G20, the W20 was set up as a G20 engagement group to promote global gender-inclusive economic growth. Egon Zehnder’s Cagla Bekbolet participated in the event and shared Egon Zehnder’s perspective on gender diversity and leadership roles in the private and public sectors. “We see diversity as a proxy for inclusiveness, better performance and good governance,” said Bekbolet. “Our research and experience shows us that competence and potential are not gender-dependent. We do not see this as a supply issue; you just have to look hard to find the talent,” she added. Bekbolet concluded her speech at the event by urging companies, governments and schools to: “set aspirational targets like those in the draft communique to significantly reduce gender disparity in all aspects of business and society.”

Read the full speech by Cagla Bekbolet.

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