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The Wall Street Journal – George L. Davis – Retaining Ex-CEOs Is “Usually a Recipe for Friction”

It is unusual for large US companies to hang onto former CEOs and it can create potential pitfalls, write Joann S. Lublin and Julie Jargon in The Wall Street Journal.

Fortune – Amanda Roberts – Tips on Tearing Down Barriers to the C-Suite

Diversity, Diversity & Inclusion, C-Suite, CEO, Leadership, Talent Management, Human Resources, Potential, Fortune, Most Powerful Women

AdAge - Sarah Van Dyck - CMOs Unlock Growth by Building Agile Organisations

In an increasingly disruptive world the key challenge facing CMOs is to create an agile organization that will help individuals to leverage their full potential.

Harvard Business Review – Keep Employees from Leaving by Emphasizing Teamwork

An entrepreneurial society is one in which innovation and new business creation are, as Peter Drucker put it, “an integral, life-sustaining activity” across organizations and the economy.

Security Roundtable – Kal Bittianda – CISOs – a New Mindset for Managing Information Risk

After transitioning from technical guru to core senior leader, the chief information security officer (CISO) role is evolving to embrace information risk, writes Egon Zehnder consultant Kal Bittianda in Security Roundtable.

PR Newswire – Steve Goodman and Trent Aulbaugh: Board Building After Bankruptcy

Languishing oil prices are making Chapter 11 a reality for a growing number of energy companies. In their recent article More Than Filling Empty Seats: A Guide to Board Composition for Energy Companies Emerging from Bankruptcy, Steve Goodman and Trent Aulbaugh explain how board restructuring can help firms bounce back after Chapter 11.

Evergreen Board Succession Planning

Quite often, board succession planning consists of a member announcing to the board that he or she plans to retire next year, and the board then gearing up to find a replacement (who typically differs from the retiring director only in being a few years younger).

Agenda – Alain Serhan and Chris Patrick – Tapping Internal Talent to Drive Digital Change

Companies facing digital disruption need to elevate the importance of digital expertise and tap their internal talent pool more effectively.

The Boston Globe – Lisa Blais – Lisa Blais Named Director of NACD New England Chapter

The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) New England Chapter announced today that Foley & Lardner LLP’s Beth I.Z. Boland has been inducted as the organization’s new president.

Financial Times – Catherine Hongxia Zhu – Succession: Best Practices for Chinese Family Businesses

As China’s first generation of family entrepreneurs grows older, an increasing number of businesses are facing the thorny succession issue, reports the Financial Times’

Claudio Fernández-Aráoz – Harvard Business Review – Confront Leaders with Complexity

Top leaders realise their potential by learning, growing and challenging themselves over the course of their entire career, writes Egon Zehnder’s Claudio Fernández-Aráoz in the Harvard Business Review

Livemint – Govind Iyer – Directorships Drive an Executive’s Growth

Independent directors may work hard, but such positions offer prestige, sharpen professional skills, enhance networks and are often lucrative, reports Livemint.

Les Echos – Lisa Barlow & Philippe Compagnion – “Chief Platform Officer” – Tomorrow’s CEO

What will tomorrow’s CEO look like? In a society of independent consumer-producers acting via different, so-called collaborative platforms, it would undoubtedly be more appropriate to talk about a “chief platform officer” rather than a “chief executive officer” write Egon Zehnder consultants Lisa Barlow and Philippe Compagnion in the French financial daily Les Echos.

The Wall Street Journal – Grant Clayton – Short CFO Tenures Send Bad Signals

High CFO turnover can cause major damage to companies and finance executives’ careers, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Life Sciences Leader – Alain Serhan – Vision and Leadership Are Top CIO Attributes

“Technology is a cornerstone for the CIO. But for the CIO to be a cornerstone for the business, that person must have the skills to influence and motivate people in a variety of ways to drive the business forward,” says Alain Serhan, co-leader of Egon Zehnder's digital health initiative.

Financial News – Richard Murray-Bruce – Asset Managers May Move Staff After Brexit

The Brexit vote has unleashed a flurry of activity in the recruitment market, reports Financial News. Richard Murray-Bruce, leader of Egon Zehnder’s Global Asset Management Pratice, confirms this trend.

Hospitalitynet – Hicham Sharara & Paul Liu: How Diversity May Help Hospitality Rise to Technology Challenge

Technological advances are impelling top hotel industry leaders to overhaul their business approach, reports hospitalitynet. In Egon Zehnder’s recent study on CEO leadership in the hospitality industry, Hicham Sharaa and Paul Liu find that digital engagement with customers is the new game-changer.

Handelszeitung – Philippe Hertig: Leadership Success Does Not Depend on Nationality

Swiss firms are increasingly opting for foreign leaders, reports the Handelszeitung. But the nationality of decision-makers in large Swiss companies has become largely irrelevant, notes Egon Zehnder’s Philippe Hertig.

Handelsblatt – Directors in Germany: Dare to embrace diversity

This year, German business daily Handelsblatt has again presented a ranking of the leading directors in Germany (supervisory board members in the German two-tier system).

Forbes – Corporate Culture-based Brand Building

Brand leaders are beginning to grasp how closely the customer and the employee experience intersect and how both are shaped by corporate culture. In a blog post for Forbes, Scott Davis says it makes sense for marketing leaders to play a greater role in developing the cultural side of brands.

Drapers – Sophie Hanson on Why Retail CEOs Need to Build Brand Advocate Networks

Next-generation retail CEOs need to be skilled team builders who can create a culture of motivated collaboration, writes Egon Zehnder consultant Sophie Hanson in an article for retail magazine Drapers.

CIO – Pharma CIOs Enjoy Higher Profile

The role of the CIO has gained importance in the pharma industry, with social media and big data boosting its importance, reports Medical, Marketing & Media. A recent study by Egon Zehnder and the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics entitled: “New Strategic Information and Technology Rules in Life Sciences Companies”, confirms this trend.

Rigzone – Talent in the Time of Bankruptcy

In a contributed piece for Rigzone, Steve Goodman and Todd Auwarter provide a primer for identifying and developing leadership talent during the downturn in the oil and gas industry.

Quartz – Rajeev Vasudeva on the Next Generation of Female Leaders

In an interview with Quartz, Egon Zehnder CEO Rajeev Vasudeva provided a perspective on progress made to date on adding more women to corporate boards.

Hunt Scanlon – Good Succession Planning is ‘Always Turned On’

Companies relying on more advanced forms of CEO assessment may see significant gains as high — as 80 percent in market cap alone, according to new research.

CIO – CIOs Need to Tie Tech Investment to Business Strategy

Companies pursuing digital strategies often recruit new leaders to architect the changes required for growth, reports In such cases CIOs need to take the initiative and show how their IT roadmap is going to help support a business strategy.

The Information – Tech Firms Look For CFOs to Match Growth Stage

The role of chief financial officer remains deeply important at Silicon Valley tech firms, reports The Information. So what is the tech CFO’s ideal profile?

NECN – George Davis on Workplace Trends in 2016

In an interview with the New England Cable News, Egon Zehnder Global CEO Practice Leader George Davis, based in Boston, provided a perspective on the job market from both the point of view of a recent college graduate and a high level CEO.

Mannheimer Morgen – Non-Executive Female Board Members: “A wealth of top-class candidates to choose from”

How has the introduction of a legal quota on female board participation affected firms’ behavior, asks the German daily newspaper Mannheimer Morgen?

HREOnline – Adopt a Proactive Approach to Personal Development

Do executives feel that their company helps them to unlock their professional potential, asks HRE online?

Tagesschau – Direct Communication Is Better for Building Trust

Videoconferencing has boomed in recent years, with technological advances helping companies to cut their travel costs, reports Swiss broadcaster SRF in its Tagesschau.

Livemint – Start-Ups Line Up for Young Leaders

With start-ups increasingly seeking leaders who have relevant experience and can fit into an unstructured environment, age is becoming a key factor, reports LiveMint.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur – Automotive Needs Bridge-builder CEOs

Digitalization is redefining the automotive industry and next generation CEOs need an entirely different profile to their predecessors, reports the German news agency dpa.

Business Wire – PADF Appoints Egon Zehnder Practice Leader as Trustee

The Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) has appointed German Herrera, Leader of Egon Zehnder’s North America Industrial Practice Group Head, as a new member to its Board of Trustees, effective as of March 1, 2016.

Hunt Scanlon Media – Egon Zehnder and Kal Bittianda Among Cyber 20

With cybersecurity being one of the big top management challenges of our times, Hunt Scanlon recently published a first-ever listing of search firms dedicated to this space.

Agenda – Six-Point Plan to Support New CEOs

Even when new CEOs are appointed thanks to well-crafted succession plans, their first few months on the job can be tough, warns George Davis, Leader of Egon Zehnder’s Global CEO Practice.

Insigniam Quarterly – Diversity: Mindset Matters More than Numbers

Despite a widespread consensus that diversity is a talent imperative, many women board members are reluctant to claim causal links between board makeup and a company’s financial performance, reportsInsigniam Quarterly.

La Tercera – Latin America Inc Needs to Tap More Female Talent

Latin American companies are slowly bringing more women onto corporate boards, but still have a long way to go, reports La Tercera.

Gruenderszene – The True Value of International and Digital Talent

The value of international talent for start-ups is at the center of an interview conducted by Mark Krymalowski, consultant at Egon Zehnder in Berlin, with Gruenderszene, Germany’s leading digital newspaper.

Livemint – How Women Can Take Charge of Their Own Careers

How can women take control and carve their own path to top leaderships positions, asks Egon Zehnder’s Namrita Shahani Jhangiani in livemint?

AdvertisingAge – Marketing Leaders on the Move

A growing number of top leaders in consumer packaged-goods are switching career paths, reports AdvertisingAge.

The Wall Street Journal – Study Reveals Lack of Women on Latin American Boards

Women occupy fewer than 7% of board seats in Latin American companies, according to a recent Egon Zehnder study cited in an article by The Wall Street Journal. – Egon Zehnder's Turnover Stays Stable in 2015

Egon Zehnder’s turnover remained stable at 622.3 million Swiss francs in FY 2015 (-0.3% versus 2014), despite challenging framework conditions and negative currency effects.

Hunt Scanlon – Downturns Call for “Decisiveness and Nimbleness in the Boardroom”

Uncertainty and volatility are prompting energy firms to seek more strategic, diplomatic leaders reports Hunt Scanlon. Boards also need to boost their effectiveness in downturns, warns Steve Goodman, Leader of Egon Zehnder’s US Energy Practice.

Egon Zehnder’s International Executive Panel – What Makes You Thrive?

HR leaders aren’t doing enough to help senior executives unlock their professional potent, reports HREOnline, citing Egon Zehnder’s recent study: “Leadership Identity – What Makes You Thrive”.

The Wall Street Journal – Chinese Internet Firms Flooded by Top Talent

Leadership talent is flooding to China’s fast-growing internet sector. Chinese managers are attracted to the sector by its dynamic work environment and higher compensation, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Hunt Scanlon – Even In a Deep Downturn, Energy Sector Seeks Leadership

A number of energy specialist recruiters polled by Hunt Scanlon Media over the last several weeks said ‘economic uncertainty’ and ‘political volatility’ were having a significant impact on petroleum and natural gas companies, but new leadership requirements were surfacing as a result

EnergyWire – US Presidential Hopefuls Need to Focus More on Energy

Industry players want US presidential candidates to pay more attention to energy policy, reports EnergyWirecovering this year’s CERAWeek in Houston.

Jornal da Noite – Portugal Needs Cultural Change to Support Female Talent

Portugal is currently seeing a government-backed drive to create more professional opportunities for women in both the public and private sectors, reports the Portuguese broadcaster SIC in its TV news programme Jornal da Noite.

FAZ – “Today’s Managers are Looking for Meaningful Challenges”

A growing number of managers are unhappy with their working conditions, reports the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The Wall Street Journal – Independent Boards Offer CEOs Lower Pay

What does chief executives pay depend on, asks The Wall Street Journal? The crucial factor is the board chairman, reports the US financial daily.

Livemint – Fixing India Inc’s “Leaky Pipeline” of Female Talent

Indian companies still need to do more to promote women leaders, writes Egon Zehnder consultant Namrita Shahani Jhangiani in livemint.

Forbes Magazine – Driving Diversity with “Real Dialogue”

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, Forbes magazine reports on a: “Leader and Daughters: Cultivating the Next Generation of Leaders,” event hosted by Egon Zehnder as part of its global initiative to accelerate opportunities for female leaders of the future.

W&V online – How CEOs Master Social Media

How CEOs Master Social Media Social media like Twitter and Facebook have reshaped the communications landscape by offering CEOs a direct link to consumers and stakeholders.

BBC Radio 4 – Focus on Developing Female High Potentials

Egon Zehnder’s London Managing Partner Miranda Pode was featured on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme on 8 March talking about the role of women in leadership.

The Globe and Mail – How Do We Fill the Pipeline with Board-Ready Women?

How can Canadian companies achieve a more robust pipeline of senior female executives, asks Egon Zehnder’s Pamela Warren in an article for The Globe and Mail?

Livemint – The Business Case for More Women on Boards

Indian companies desperately need to recruit more women leaders. There is not just an ethical case for more women at the top, there are also solid business benefits argues Egon Zehnder consultant Namrita Shahani Jhangiani in an article for livemint.

CNBC – Corner Office Trends Changing Fast: George Davis on the 2016 CEO

On Squawk Box, George Davis, Egon Zehnder's Global CEO Practice Leader, provides a look at what it takes to get and keep the top job at a company.

Rigzone – Energy Firms Need to Focus on Developing Talent Despite Downturn

In the current slump energy companies face a tough balancing act between preserving their balance sheets and protecting their talent pipeline, reports Rigzone

INSEAD Knowledge – Emerging Market Leaders Need To Develop Local Talent

As investment-driven growth declines, boosting innovation and productivity is a major challenge for leaders in emerging markets, reports INSEAD Knowledge.

Quartz – Why Failure Is Fashionable

Top CEOs are increasingly looking for candidates with some experience of failure in their career.

IMS Health – CIOs Needed to Drive Digital Healthcare Transformation

Technological advances and major shifts in the medicine marketplace are pressuring life sciences CIOs to play a more strategic role in driving commercial success through digital transformation.

Airline Business – Diversity Plays Defining Role in Airline Success

What defines the commercial success of global airlines? A recent industry study by Egon Zehnder highlights the growing role played by diversity in boosting the bottom line of airlines.

The Economic Times – Demand for Digital Talent Takes Off

Demand for digital talent is crossing industry frontiers, with companies seeking industry outsiders, as well as training existing staff for digital roles, reports The Economic Times.

Financial Times – Boosting Diversity Relieves Pressure on Old Guard Boards

With the limited pool of old-guard directors predicting burn-out within a couple of years, boards need to open up to new talent and spread responsibility across more shoulders, warns Stefan Stern in the Financial Times.

Agenda Week – Digital Advisory Boards Can Fast-Track Transformation

Digital transformation is currently a major challenge for industries like banking and retail. But expecting the board or executive committee to define a strategy for dealing with it may be ineffective, warns Egon Zehnder consultant Ricardo Sunderland in Agenda.

Canadian Business – How Boards Can Boost Diversity By Considering Potential

Canadian boards welcome the idea of more women, but Egon Zehnder’s Toronto-based consultant Pamela Warren often hears that they are worried about sacrificing quality to achieve greater diversity.

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