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AdvertisingAge – Marketing Leaders on the Move

  • March 2016

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AdvertisingAge – Marketing Leaders on the Move

A growing number of top leaders in consumer packaged-goods are switching career paths, reports AdvertisingAge. With growth slowing in the sector, some marketing executives are moving to the tech industry, while others are migrating to smaller upstarts where they can make more of an impact. "Life used to be quite simple: You go to business school. You do an internship at a CPG. They invite you back full-time. You get on this wonderful track, and you learn the technical aspects and the marketing function and you become a general manager," explains Rory Finlay, Head of Egon Zehnder’s US Consumer Products Practice. But "that linear, very clear track is going away," he adds.

Full story: E.J.Schulz: Why CPG Execs Are Seeking Greener Pastures in AdvertisingAge (23 March 2016).

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