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CIO – CIOs Need to Tie Tech Investment to Business Strategy

Companies pursuing digital strategies often recruit new leaders to architect the changes required for growth, reports In such cases CIOs need to take the initiative and show how their IT roadmap is going to help support a business strategy. This roadmap should illustrate IT’s contribution to boosting revenue growth, products service and neutralizing competitive threats, says Chris Patrick, global leader of Egon Zehnder’s CIO practice. This marks a crucial moment of truth for the CIO. "If you don't know those levers and can't immediately tie technology investment and roadmap to those you're in peril," warns Patrick. In his experience, CIOs who fail to adopt a proactive approach may be perceived as "old-school," or as individuals who wait for orders versus recommending technology investments to propel the business.

Full story: Clint Boulton: New boss to CIO: It's not you, it's me (but you’re fired) in (25 April 2016).

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