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CNBC – Corner Office Trends Changing Fast: George Davis on the 2016 CEO

“The days of the command-and-control CEO are waning fast”, warns George L. Davis Jr., global CEO practice leader at Egon Zehnder, in an interview with the US broadcaster CNBC. In today’s disruptive digital business environment companies are seeking leverage CEOs or servant leaders who excel at multi-stakeholder communications, he explains. Facing a majority millennial workforce, Davis also highlights the need for executives to communicate differently. Millennials want real-time feedback, for example, and not annual reviews, he notes. Innovation and fast-thinking are now key competences for CEOs too, adds Davis, who also sees growing demand for a wide range of different digital skills at board level.

Full story: Corner Office Trends Changing Fast, an interview with George L Davis broadcast by CNBC (22 February 2016).

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