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EnergyWire – US Presidential Hopefuls Need to Focus More on Energy

  • March 2016

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EnergyWire – US Presidential Hopefuls Need to Focus More on Energy

Industry players want US presidential candidates to pay more attention to energy policy, reports EnergyWire covering this year’s CERAWeek in Houston. According to Egon Zehnder consultant Trent Aulbaugh, "The political process that we're going through now is just a microcosm of a broader issue that's been there for 20 or 30 years, which is we really don't have any agreed-to energy strategy." Aulbaugh admits that the industry itself is partly to blame. "I think the industry has done such a good job making energy so prevalent and so available that it's fallen off the radar screen a little bit," he explains. For Aulbaugh, "The problem is down the road […] if all the capex [capital expenditure] gets pulled out of the industry."

Full story: Nathanial Gronewold, Mike Lee and Edward Klump: At ‘Davos of Energy,’ waiting for more from candidates in EnergyWire (25 February 2015).

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