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Financial Times – Better Work-Life Balance Attracts Top Talent

  • November 2015

Financial Times – Better Work-Life Balance Attracts Top Talent

High pay still attracts top talent to banking and consulting, but the focus has recently shifted from compensation to meaningful work and a better work-life balance, reports the Financial Times. For executives a top priority is to leave a positive legacy, notes Egon Zehnder consultant Nicole Jones. “It’s about encouraging the improvement and development of those around them. Building a team working towards a greater good,” she explains. In a bid to retain talent, banks are also paying more attention to offering a positive work-life balance and greater job stability. “Increasingly banks are starting to be faced with greater competition from newer players in the market and they’re aware of this. People are looking to join organizations that have growth, flexibility, and a work-life balance,” Jones concludes.

Full story: Emma Dunkley: Banks need to tell compelling stories to win the best brains in the Financial Times (November 2015).

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