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FinancialDirector – Leading Change Can Help CFOs to Fast-Track Their Careers

Restructuring, cost-cutting and digitization are all radically accelerating the pace of change in many global companies. Chief Financial Officers can turn this trend into a fast-track career opportunity, argues Egon Zehnder consultant Cagla Bekbolet, if they are “skilled both at complex financial engineering and at effective people engagement.” In an article for FinancialDirector she urges CFOS facing a merger to join the programme management offices set up by many companies to smooth integration. Such roles test the resilience of finance leaders, who must be able to make mistakes and bounce back from them, warns Bekbolet. They also call for curiosity and outstanding team leadership. But, in her view, restructuring/mergers can offer the perfect environment for CFOs to hone career-advancing skills.

Full story: Cagla Bekbolet: CFOs need “bounce-backability”: drive change by learning in FinancialDirector (10 November 2015).

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