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Integration: Helping New Hires to Achieve Full Impact Fast

  • January 2015

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Human Resource Magazine – Integration: Helping New Hires to Achieve Full Impact Fast

Firms tend to focus heavily on the pros and cons of hiring external candidates, but the post-hiring or onboarding process is equally important, reports HR magazine. In the words of Greig Schneider, U.S. managing partner of Egon Zehnder, many firms: “throw a ton of effort into finding the right person, negotiating and getting to the finish line.” But according to Schneider, “That’s not the finish line. That’s the starting line.” Indeed, Egon Zehnder data for 2013 on companies with an average of 595 employees reveals that it took 57% of executives six months or more to reach full impact in their last new role. So how can firms improve their onboarding process? Carefully crafting job descriptions is one key strategy. In Schneider’s view, job descriptions need to be: “extremely rigorous about exactly what skills and competencies” an open role requires. He also advises companies to commit fully to integration. “There are many ways that a [new hire] can make a few false steps and get into trouble,” warns Schneider. “These mistakes can be avoided with proper integration,” he adds.

Full story: Eric Krell: “Look Outside or Seek Within?” in HR magazine (January 2015).

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