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Leadership: Emotional Intelligence Is Essential

  • October 2014

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Harvard Business Review Blog Network – Leadership: Emotional Intelligence Is Essential

In his contribution to the recent debate between academic heavyweights Wharton Professor Adam Grant and bestelling author Daniel Goleman, Claudio Fernández-Aráoz stresses the importance of EI-based competencies for success in leadership roles. Drawing on decades of experience with Egon Zehnder, its Senior Advisor notes that top leaders tend to possess emotional intelligence (EI), coupled with a high IQ and a proven track record. Leaders who possess the latter two attributes, but lack EI, tend to burn out fast. Fernández-Aráoz advises companies recruiting executives without EI to carefully weigh up the risks that they are running.

Full story: Claudio Fernández-Aráoz: Ignore Emotional Intelligence at Your Own Risk a posting on the HBR Blog Network (22 October 2014).

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