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Livemint – Fixing India Inc’s “Leaky Pipeline” of Female Talent

  • March 2016

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Livemint – Fixing India Inc’s “Leaky Pipeline” of Female Talent

Indian companies still need to do more to promote women leaders, writes Egon Zehnder consultant Namrita Shahani Jhangiani in livemint. They particularly need to fix the “leaky pipeline” of women opting out, she adds. Many Indian women leave work due to social pressures and a lack of inclusion, explains Shahani Jhangiani. But in her view, “An inspirational work environment can play a big part in encouraging female progression.” How can firms create such an environment? By using potential instead of performance to assess talent, by launching authentic drives to find female leaders comes from the very top, and by promoting women’s networks. “Through fairer systems of assessment and the creation of supportive networks, women leaders can be the status quo rather than a novelty,” predicts Shahani Jhangiani.

Full story: Namrita Shahani Jhangiani: Why we need to develop women leaders of the future in livemint (9 March 2016).

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