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Livemint – The Business Case for More Women on Boards

  • March 2016

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Livemint – The Business Case for More Women on Boards

Indian companies desperately need to recruit more women leaders. There is not just an ethical case for more women at the top, there are also solid business benefits argues Egon Zehnder consultant Namrita Shahani Jhangiani in an article for livemint. Women bring a different perspective to leadership, as well as a more participative management style and inclusive decision-making. They are also excellent multitaskers. “Blending women’s skill sets across organizations and leadership teams can create a more innovative culture that fosters greater loyalty” explains Shahani Jhangiani. In addition to boosting the bottom line, surveys also suggest that more women at board level leads to better corporate governance. For Shahani Jhangiani: “Diversity and inclusion isn’t just a box to be ticked, it’s a critical way of ensuring a happy and successful business.”

Full story: Namrita Shahani Jhangiani: Why India needs a boardroom revolution in livemint (2 March 2016).

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