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NECN – George Davis on Workplace Trends in 2016

  • May 2016

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NECN – George Davis on Workplace Trends in 2016

In an interview with New England Cable News, Egon Zehnder Global CEO Practice Leader George Davis, based in Boston, provided a perspective on the job market from both the point of view of a recent college graduate and a high level CEO. New England trends better than the national average for employment of young people, and Davis’ advice for those entering the workforce for the first time is to have confidence, have purpose and be focused. With the emergence of the millennial workforce, according to Davis, the most important skill to have for both new employees and executive leaders is communication. At the executive level, Davis detailed how the image of the CEO is changing and how diversity, including diversity of experience and ideas is affecting the workplace in 2016 and beyond. As companies look to grow it will be increasingly critical to identify potential when evaluating candidates for the next CEO.

Full story: The 2016 jobs market from the point of view of a college graduate to a high level CEO. How is the image of the CEO changing? George Davis in an interview with Mike Nikitas broadcast by NECN (08 May 2016).

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