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The Times of India – E-Commerce Calls For Strong Digital Talent Pipeline

The boom in e-commerce has led to a dearth of digital talent, reports The Times of India. What kind of leader should companies now be looking for, asks the newspaper? According to Egon Zehnder, the key attributes of digital leaders include a passion for exploring uncharted territory, the ability to scale and work with multiple parameters, independence, creativity and in-depth digital knowledge. Egon Zehnder consultant Pallavi Kathuria also highlights the importance of talent development. “It is not sufficient to have a strong leadership team today. VC and PE firms want to see their investments safeguarded in the future by a strong talent pipeline […]. A strong rung of leaders-in-the-making ensures that business is not disrupted by the exit of the leader,” she explains.

Full story: Namrata Singh: Old school talent can’t log on to e-commerce in The Times of India (5 August 2015).

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