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Neil Waters

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+852 2525 6340

Neil Waters leads the Hong Kong office and serves as the Joint Head of Egon Zehnder in China. He also leads the firm’s board and CEO succession practice in Hong Kong. He has spent more than 25 years advising global clients on a range of challenging matters related to CEO and board succession. His clients include governments, community organizations, and private sector companies in numerous industries. Neil has also played a senior role in the professional development of the firm’s consultants globally.

The firm is my family. And in this firm I have the opportunity to assist important institutions in our community to make decisions about leadership. This is what really matters. It’s such a privilege and I can’t believe I get paid to do this job.

Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Neil was a Consultant and Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Company. Earlier in his career, he was a Systems Engineer and Marketing Representative with IBM Australia.

Neil has an electrical and electronic engineering degree from the University of Adelaide in South Australia and an MBA from Cornell University in the U.S. When not working, he enjoys European handball, chess, reading, sharpening his Latin, and curling. He has also served on the board of the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts, the leading arts festival in Australia.

Neil Waters是亿康先达香港分公司负责人、以及中国区联席负责人,同时领导香港董事会咨询与CEO继任咨询团队。他在CEO及董事会继任相关的各类挑战性领域为全球客户提供专业咨询已逾25年。其客户包括政府部门、社区组织和诸多行业的私营企业。Neil还负责领导亿康先达全球新进顾问的培训和职业发展工作。




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