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A Global Conversation About HR

A 5-part report on how HR leaders can reshape the future of the function.

People Strategies in the Age of Disruption and Transformation

In today’s world of unprecedented change and complexity, traditional human resources (HR) management models have become obsolete and need to be refreshed. HR leaders must step out of their comfort zones and think differently about their approach to talent. To drive true change, HR executives must work in partnership with the full management team, and go beyond simply carrying out strategies to being part of strategy setting.

Rethinking the People Agenda

Technology, new generations in the workforce and a greater emphasis on leadership is giving CHROs an opportunity to create a future-ready organization. But with great opportunity comes great challenges.

Leadership in Action

Benito Cachinero discusses human capital strategy on Wharton Business School's radio series, Leadership in Action.

Biz Focus - Thought Leadership by Amy Son

In her regular column for Biz Focus, Egon Zehnder's Amy Son discusses topics ranging from private equity to building a successful marketing function.

People Management - The HR Guide to Being Business Savvy

It’s never been more important for HR to demonstrate commercial awareness. But what does that mean in reality, and how does the profession overcome its traditional disconnect from business metrics?

Wharton Business Radio — Human Resource Secrets

Benito Cachinero shares how leaders successfully run their large companies, from day-to-day responsibilities to developing an overarching human capital strategy.

Introducing SQN: Where Technology and Humanity Unite

Despite the rise of big data, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics, human resources is still waiting for its revolution.

Handelszeitung - More and More Diversity Projects

Simone Stebler discusses diversity, HR-Tech and why bosses need to be more approachable.

“Transformation” Transformed

As companies harness technology and data to transform into more agile organizations, they must also transform their cultures to support this operating shift. It is nearly impossible to engage in any type of corporate transformation without taking culture into account. Much of the heavy lift in this culture shift rests on the shoulders of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

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