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How HR Leaders Are Navigating the Rapidly Changing Landscape of Work

HR leaders are adapting to evolving paradigms and are in a strategic position to influence and shape the future of work – which will impact not only their organization, but also the larger community.

Taking a Seat at the Table: How HR Leaders Are Adding Value in the Boardroom

HR leaders spoke about their board service, the value they added, and advice they would give to HR professionals who may be considering board work.

Leveraging HR Prowess in AI Adoption

Delve into three big areas where Human Resources leaders are uniquely positioned to influence AI adoption efforts throughout the company.

A Call for Human-Centric Governance

Family-owned businesses must acknowledge the importance of people and remuneration issues in companies to effectively fulfill their functions.

How HR Is Leading the Charge on ESG and Social Impact

Companies are realizing that sustainability and social impact are increasingly important to both their employees and job seekers. Egon Zehnder has recognized this new dynamic and conducted a series of discussions on the critical role that HR plays in fulfilling these responsibilities.

Finding Your ‘Inner Activist’

Tessa Wernink, founder of The Undercover Activist, reflects upon leadership, highlighting that bringing your whole self to work and recognizing the whole self of others makes leading in turbulent times less lonely.

Hiring Right: A Guide for Founders and High-Growth Companies

Having the right people in key positions can make or break a startup or any fast-growing company. So, how can a founder hire well?

Is Hybrid Eroding Company Culture?

Surprise: Hybrid is nothing new but managing it at scale is. Are Chief People Officers up to the challenge?

What’s Next for CHROs in Terms of Diversity and Inclusion?

What obstacles stand in the way of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within today’s and tomorrow’s companies? What approaches can leaders adopt to drive the necessary changes?

CHROs Want to Make the World a Brighter Place

The CHROs concluded in a roundtable discussion led by Egon Zehnder that sustainability can indeed make the world a better place.

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