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Recruiting A New Class of Exceptional Managers

Even as economies are battered by COVID-19, telecommunications are booming, offering a critical lifeline for an anxious world on lockdown.

Hydrogen Talent Rising

The coming talent battle over the energy transition’s oldest new technology.

A Tale of Two Decades: How Global Crises Have Changed CEO Succession in the Mining Industry

New research shows nearly 4 out of 5 mining CEOs hired since 2010 were internal appointments, a significant increase over the prior decade.

COVID-19 Reveals Lack of Flexibility, Leadership in Supply Chains

Egon Zehnder's Tom Reynolds connected with FreightWaves to discuss issues that supply chain officers contend with during these challenging times.

COVID-19 Accelerates New Business Models

The COVID-19 crisis is adversely affecting the whole world and the utility industry has been no exception. Nevertheless, the industry is keeping essential services such as lighting, heating, water and waste collection going for us amid the pandemic while at the same time rapidly adapting to the changing conditions. Egon Zehnder discovered in recent video panels with CEOs of global utility companies the many opportunities for transformation within the sector. Some of the new measures have changed the industry for the better, and many are here to stay.

A Conversation with EPC CEOs on COVID-19

Egon Zehnder hosted a virtual meeting with CEOs in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction industry across a wide and diverse range of sectors, to gather their thoughts and insights as they navigate through these unchartered waters.

Beyond Keeping the Lights On

Senior P&L leaders are forced to make difficult choices with regard to their employees, suppliers, customers, and business partners. Here's how they are tackling these challenges.

Chain Reaction 2020: Leadership Perspectives from the World's Top Supply Chain Executives

We surveyed 235 Chief Supply Chain Officers across 23 countries to see what it takes to succeed.

Learning from Each Other During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Leaders from six major industrial and manufacturing companies and groups operating in India gathered on a video call on March 13 to share how they were handling the crisis now, and how they were planning for what is to come.

From Risk to Reward

C-suite leaders and sustainability experts share how a focus on ESG is transforming the mining industry.

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