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Embracing Market Challenges and Uncertainties: PE Insights

Insights from 20 experienced operating partners and buy-out investors from various private equity funds from Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Connecting Purpose and Sustainability Across Sectors

Laurent-David Charbit highlights the power of a “zig zag” career building skills, capabilities and experiences that create a strong foundation.

“Both Shield and Sword” – Private Capital’s Need for Great Communications Leaders

Effective Communications are crucial for Private Capital firms dealing with risk mitigation and can give them the competitive advantage.

Taking The Right Exit: Private Equity CFOs Share Their Wisdom

Before the pandemic, Egon Zehnder had planned a dinner for private equity CFOs on the topic “How to make a good exit.” Instead, the CFO team, led by Barbara Kroll, hosted a series of virtual interviews with four prominent executives.

Private Equity International – The Operating Partner of Tomorrow

With widespread change happening across portfolio companies, it is perhaps unsurprising that private equity firms are hunting for expertise across a range of issues with a greater emphasis on areas such as environmental, social and governance, and talent.

Can’t Buy Me Love

In the wake of COVID-19, the private equity industry could provide testament to the fact that sustainability and profit can go hand in hand. To do so, it will need to turn its back on old-established practices − and invest in its leadership.

PE in Latin America: How the Rules of the Game May Change Post-COVID-19

A gathering with top Country Heads of Private Equity in Mexico and Latin America to discuss how consumer behavior is changing, its impact in PE, and the opportunities for the sector in a post-COVID world.

How to Best Support Portfolio Businesses During the COVID-19 Crisis

The threat of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to grow, and Operating Partners are fighting to support their portfolio businesses.

Private Equity Implications of COVID-19 in Emerging Markets

A digital gathering with top Country Heads of PE in Mexico.

Energy PE Investors Question the Future of Their Firms and Careers

Energy investors are nervous about the future of their firms—and careers. Here’s how can they position themselves for a transition.

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