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Voyager Leadership Development

Customizable, in-house development journey for individuals and cohort groups to develop self-awareness, potential and cultural impact.

Are your leaders operating at their utmost potential?

In today’s volatile and complex environment, businesses need leaders who are agile, purposeful, and transformational in their approach: People who can impact their organizations and the world. Leaders who can face our uncertain world and disrupted industries with a steady hand, an inspiring vision, a clear strategy, an ability to adapt, and an authentic presence that holds diverse and virtual workplaces together seamlessly.

And yet, business schools don’t necessarily prepare leaders to play this role. Worse still, day-to-day professional demands set a frenzied pace of constant engagements that often occur at the expense of the requisite reflection, development, and space needed to foster this kind of leadership.

Transforming your organization is contingent on unleashing the potential in your leaders — developing executives who can impact both their organizations and the world in this way.

For this specific purpose, Egon Zehnder and Mobius Executive Leadership have created the Voyager Leadership Development Program, a customized leadership development journey for your organization’s top leaders to inspire and enable them to grow — as individuals, as high potentials, as a group of transformational accelerators in a large-scale change effort, or, where appropriate, collectively as a unified senior team.

Specifically customized to your organization’s needs

Each program is co-created with your organization’s needs in mind and specifically developed with your business’s strategic needs at the center — your unique business context, culture, values, as well as your institutional history, legacy, and vision.

The Voyager Intensive will elevate each individual’s ability to lead, while building and broadening their capacity to impact your business as a high-performing team or key influencers of the organizational culture. When you have a transformational change effort underway or about to start, we can tailor the program to enable or drive that agenda by helping accelerate the power of key transformational change agents.

The Voyager Leadership Development Program is highly experiential and exploratory; unique among executive leadership journeys. The program’s foundation is a three- to five-day Intensive retreat —based on WINNING FROM WITHIN: A Breakthrough Method for Leading, Living, and Lasting Change®, written by Mobius Executive Leadership’s Chief Thought Leader, Erica Ariel Fox, and in tandem with Egon Zehnder’s Potential Model — to support each individual’s self-discovery, while expanding their critical mindsets and leadership behaviors.

Acquiring Collective Leadership Capability for What Comes Next

For the leadership team or group of senior leaders attending Voyager together, the impact is multi-faceted. Leaders grow by bringing more of their true self to their interactions. The sessions augment the capacity to adapt by helping to mature each leader’s sense of identity and corresponding ability to respond in high-stakes business contexts. For a team attending the session together, Voyager serves to foster an openness and trust that heightens collaboration on their shared work.

There is also valuable return for your organization. Leaders resume work energized, focused, and confident, more finely attuned to how their behaviors affect others, and with a shared sense of purpose for what they can achieve both individually and collectively.

"Welcome to one of the most instructive, engaging, collaborative, supportive, and 'feeling' weeks of learning ever."

Develop a Truer Sense of Self and Purpose

Voyager’s approach to leadership development is decidedly different. Built around the foundational Intensive session, the program is set in a rare retreat environment to stimulate focused and meaningful introspection.

Using a diverse format informed by adult-learning principles and drawing on right-brain methods for fostering self-discovery and heightening creativity, the Voyager Intensive includes practices such as structured, immersive exercises with real-time feedback from faculty. Sessions integrate expressive arts such as poetry, beginner yoga, guided visualization, and engagement with one’s imagination. The themes of the sessions’ exploration include understanding one’s leadership identity, exploring root cause motivations, and articulating one’s galvanizing life purpose. Collaborative discussions with peers provide supportive but candid feedback rarely available in everyday interactions with colleagues.

The Intensive experience opens the individual leader’s perspective, broadening from a focus on one’s self to include the entire enterprise in which they operate. The exercises and coaching help them discern how and where they can have even greater and more sustainable transformative impact across their organization.

The Voyager Journey

  • Explores: Leaders’ mindsets, ambitions, passions, and purpose — while also helping them grow more attuned to how others perceive them and the impact they create consciously and unconsciously. The program broadens their awareness of where they are today by gaining deeper understanding of what has shaped their leadership approach thus far and widening the lens of how they see themselves in the future. Connecting all these elements creates a unique inflection point of clarity — uncovering and awakening each leader’s unique gifts, aspirations, and convictions.

  • Supports: Many participants find the Intensive to be a turning point in their lives, both personally and professionally. From the outset, Mobius Executive Leadership faculty and Egon Zehnder consultants serve as coaches, sounding boards, and advisors with a powerful commitment to each participant’s success. The faculty has expertise in offering intensive, confidential, and significant challenges to leaders’ existing modus operandi, providing respectful challenges to their assumptions and default behaviors.

  • Sustains: The peer-to-peer interaction that begins at the Intensive and continues thereafter creates a community of like-minded allies well placed to help one another achieve bolder action in the world. Newly acquired levels of self-awareness serve as a day-to-day guide for enhanced performance. Post-Intensive coaching and development support may be further considered.


"It was the most powerful week of learning in my 23 years."

The Voyager Format 

  • Phase I: Pre-Intensive Baseline
    Participants work with a designated Egon Zehnder development advisor to delve deep to understand their unique potential. Drawing on the firm’s proprietary leadership Potential assessment framework, participants create a leadership profile, receive a personalized report, and attend an in-depth feedback review session with their consultant.

  • Phase II: Voyager Intensive
    The Voyager Leadership Development Program is designed for groups of up to 24 people. Voyager may also be cascaded to your broader organization through a series of multiple programs to scale across a broader leadership base. The three-to five-day experiential session takes place in a restorative offsite environment ideal for unplugging and focusing on one’s inner life. Informed by adult-learning principles, the program draws on best practice methods for fostering self-discovery, integrating new facets of leadership expression, and igniting a clear vision for future leadership contribution. Leaders emerge from the Intensive more energized and focused, with a deeper sense of themselves and clarity for how they can make a difference in their lives and organizations.

  • Phase III: Post Intensive
    Following the Intensive, Egon Zehnder and Mobius may design further development for participants geared to particular objectives of the sponsoring organizations. Post-Intensive development may include individual coaching, team building, or systematically integrating learnings more broadly into the fabric of the organization.

Voyager Leadership Development Consultants

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Diederik Amery

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Philippe Loewenstein


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Boudewijn Arts


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Isabelle Claus

Isabelle Claus


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