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Andrew Roscoe Egon Zehnder, Global Executive Assessment and Development Practice Leader, London


Andrew serves as global leader of Egon Zehnder’s Executive Assessment and Development Practice, leading organizations to deliver against their strategic goals through informed and effective leadership decisions at the individual, team and enterprise levels. Deeply experienced in assessing and developing executive leadership, Andrew’s expertise encompasses CEO succession and Board consulting, private equity portfolio leadership, M&A integration, Potential assessment and development, team performance and organizational effectiveness. In addition to his Practice leadership role, Andrew leads senior level executive and board searches in the industrial and energy sectors, as well as searches for CFOs globally.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Andrew was in the corporate finance department of Cazenove & Co., where he worked mainly on M&A transactions with companies in the industrial and financial services sectors. Andrew started his career working in a nuclear research laboratory before moving on to the design of plant and then strategy work in the power sector.

Andrew earned a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from University of Birmingham and an MBA from the London Business School. Andrew is based in London.

News and Publications

Turning Potential into Success – The Missing Link in Leadership Development

Corporate leadership development programs aren’t working. Less than a quarter of executives at the organizations that have them think they’re effective. Evaluations of managers at thousands of corporations suggest that 72% have what it takes to grow into C-suite roles. How can we bridge the gap between this raw talent and executive success?

HREOnline - Egon Zehnder’s International Executive Panel – What Makes You Thrive?

HR leaders aren’t doing enough to help senior executives unlock their professional potent, reports HREOnline, citing Egon Zehnder’s recent study: “Leadership Identity – What Makes You Thrive”.

International Executive Panel: What Makes You Thrive?

There is mounting evidence that the relationship between an executive’s personal goals and priorities – a person’s identity – and his or her career path greatly affects performance.

Financial Times – Empathy: The New Must-Have for Executives

As firms abandon top-down management models, empathy is the new must-have for today’s leaders, writes Egon Zehnder consultant Andrew Roscoe in the Financial Times. Empathetic leaders get more out of their teams and show personal learning and growth spikes, explains Roscoe.

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Diversity thought leader Binna Kandola discusses improvements in creativity, leadership and productivity.

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Financial Times - Boards Start to Take Succession Planning Very Seriously

Sudden CEO departures can send companies into a tailspin, especially in the absence of solid succession planning, reports the Financial Times.

Financial Times - Better Boards: Non Executives “don’t need no education”

Andrew Roscoe, UK head of Egon Zehnder, the global search firm, sees possibilities for education in the boardroom and agrees that content – governance and regulation – and behavioural aspects are key.

Diversity: Enriching an Organization's Leadership Capabilities

Comment on the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Executive Search Firms in the UK.

Executive Assessment and Development Practice Profile

Egon Zehnder helps senior leaders and teams achieve unprecedented levels of performance. Our leadership assessments combine the best of traditional approaches (such as competency based assessment and thorough referencing) with expertly structured personal interviews.

consultant name

Andrew Roscoe Egon Zehnder, Global Executive Assessment and Development Practice Leader, London