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Jill Ader Egon Zehnder, London


Jill Ader, based in London, advises international and FTSE100 clients on board and CEO succession, board effectiveness and CEO/top team development. She runs the Firm’s CEO development program with our partners, Mobius, and is a coach to participants. She works largely for consumer facing businesses across consumer goods, retail and hospitality but her board effectiveness and succession experience has been across many sectors. Jill is a member of Egon Zehnder’s global board and chairs the firm’s People Committee.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Jill was with Kingfisher, the international retail group, based in London, where she started in Strategy and Planning at the Group level before taking up line responsibilities in Superdrug, running a region, leading Supply Chain, and then driving transformation through New Retail Format development. Previously, Jill was a Consultant with GAH, a spin-off of Boston Consulting Group, advising clients in retail, consumer, and services. Earlier, Jill was a Venture Capital Manager with NatWest Growth Options, in London.

Jill earned a BA from Nottingham University and an MBA from London Business School. She is a Trustee for Shooting Star Chase, a children's hospice charity in the UK.

News and Publications

Comfort with Paradox

Most CEOs and boards name succession, both for the CEO and for business unit leaders, as their biggest strategic challenge. While this leadership challenge exists for every industry, it is particularly acute in the consumer sector, where many of the successive waves of disruption first hit.

Financial Times – How Can Women Leaders Craft a C-Suite Career

What is the right route to the top for ambitious women leaders? Female executives are usually told that P&L, with its implied responsibility for monitoring resources and costs, is the fast track to the C-Suite, reports the Financial Times.

Financial Times - Board Diversity: Time to Pick up the Pace

The number of women in top management roles is rising, but the pace of change remains painfully slow, reports Andrew Hill in the Financial Times.

CEO Succession Study “We should have started earlier”

Everyone agrees that CEO succession planning is critical. Yet many Chairmen are concerned that their own companies are underprepared for a change of CEO – and are exposed to the risk of a damaging leadership vacuum. This is the finding of an Egon Zehnder study in which more than 50 Chairmen and CEOs of major companies headquartered in France, Germany, the UK, and the US were interviewed.

Goodbye to Groupthink - Image

Goodbye to Groupthink

Diversified perspectives make for better solutions.

consultant name

Jill Ader Egon Zehnder, London