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Karoline Vinsrygg Egon Zehnder, London


Karoline Vinsrygg leads the UK board practice, and works mostly with clients within industrial and services industries. She divides her time between public and private equity clients. Karoline also co-leads the firm’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Council.


Prior to joining Egon Zehnder, Karoline was Chief of Strategy and Organization and a member of the Executive Board of Aker Yards (later STX Europe) – the largest shipbuilding group in Europe, where she was responsible for strategy, business development, communications, and HR. Karoline gained transactional experience from Akers Yards as well as Citigroup, while based in New York and London. She started her career with the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association, where she was head of the policy section and a member of the executive team.

Karoline earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Oslo and an MBA from The McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in the US, which she attended as a Fulbright Scholar.

News and Publications

There’s No One Size Fits All Approach to Diversity

State Street Corporation’s “Fearless Girl” statue staring down Wall Street's big (male) bull turned up the volume on a conversation we've been having for years.

Financial Times – Take a Brave Approach to Boosting Diversity

How can companies do more to promote gender diversity, asks the Financial Times? Setting specific diversity goals and measuring progress towards them is a good start, says Karoline Vinsrygg, Leader of Egon Zehnder’s Global Diversity Council.

Fast Company – Board Chairs Drive Gender Diversity

Why is progress with gender diversity disappointingly slow, asks Fast Company? Diversity is often led by a board chair, according to Egon Zehnder’s 2016 Global Board Diversity Analysis.

WINConference 2015 – Inspire the World: With Insight, Grace & Action

Inspiring and helping women to contribute authentically and integrate their feminine values into leadership roles was the focus of the Global WINConference.

Never hide

Diversity thought leader Binna Kandola discusses improvements in creativity, leadership and productivity.

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Unlocking Leadership Potential in Emerging Markets

Egon Zehnder CEO Rajeev Vasudeva recently hosted a dinner for board members, CEOs and chief human resources officers whose operations in China and India give them a strong interest in developing local leaders in these emerging markets. The lively discussion generated the following observations.

Diversity and Inclusion Practice Profile

Egon Zehnder provides the comprehensive, expert support you need to shape and successfully fulfill an ambitious Diversity and Inclusion strategy.

2014 Egon Zehnder European Board Diversity Analysis With Global Perspective

The findings of the 2014 Egon Zehnder European Board Diversity Analysis reveal: Women's share of European board seats increases to more than 20 percent, but progress stagnant in executive director and board leadership positions.

consultant name

Karoline Vinsrygg Egon Zehnder, London


Karoline Vinsrygg

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